Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let's Roll, Part 2 (A re-take)

Cramming three months in one post (okay, two) is challenging. Remind me to never blog hibernate again ...  I can't help but feel totally out of balance!
Hmmm. Where to begin?
Let's start with THE Furlough that is starting next month for my Teckie. Perhaps, in the picture, he is conemplating how he will spend every Friday off for the next three months? I can come up with  creative ways to keep him busy around here. Honey do this, honey do that. I should start my list now because honestly this man moves at the speed of Power Snail.

Another project I have been working on is our Woman's Retreat at chruch. Jan Johnson (www.janjohnson.org) is our speaker and our theme is Abundant Simplicity. K.I.S.S.... keep it simple sister! The retreat is far off, but these things don't organize themselves! This will be my last year planning the retreat as it  falls on our Anniversary every year. Next year is our BIG 2-0! This morning in bed we were talking about (okay, I was doing the talking) where we might go to get away to celebrate.
 He suggested "Furlough Hills." Wrong answer.
Keep it simple sister ;0)
For Mother's Day we gathered at Larryland and the Dads played with the kids while we got some R and R. Benson tried out the Slip N' Slide for the first time. Everything is "new" when you are two!
Hooray for the Dads!
On May 2, my Auntie Linda passed away in the operating room undergoing open-heart surgery. This tough lady has battled cancer for decades. I know she is healed and living in peace, but there are many "down here" that miss her. The saddest part was seeing my Dad ache over losing his only sister and dear friend. After her unexpected death, everyone pitched in to prepare to say good-bye. I created a photo wall that held 74 years of memories. I guess you could say that I've always been the family historian. It was wonderful to have The Clan all together!
My Dad at the memory wall
Good health and togetherness are the best of blessings!
The only good part of a funeral is gathering all the cousins from around
the country and spending time together. Grieving is easier when
we are together! 

Daniel's soccer team did marginal, but he had a blast and the team improved
over the season. He received the
highest award, The Lion's Award, which made us all feel pretty good!
Step away from the donut. I repeat, put the donut down!
This donut (pink-sprinkled-white-cake donuts are my favorite)  on my desk at work, represents that I FINALLY left Family Fitness (AKA Family Fatness)  after nine years and joined a new and much cleaner gym in town. The good news is that I am actually going. The bad part is that there are still donuts on my desk and hips.

My favortie part  of this time of year is hanging Old Glory and flaunting those colors, red, white and blue! I want to find an Uncle Sam costume and ride my unicycle around the hood on July Fourth. Wouldn't that be fun? Or, rather, funny? Or, both?

Over the weekend we hosted a going away party for dear friends moving to Missouri (of all the places). It was fun to decorate for a party and Memorial Day.  I "borrowed" tons of patriotic decorations from school and Uncle Sam would have been proud.
Last thought? It sure was hard rising this morning after a three day weekend. Only six school days left and I can feel (and hear) the immense energy in fourth grade. The kids are overly ready for summer. Listen to this! I had twelve kids serving time on the curb at recess for talking. Twelve! Thats half of the class!  Apparently, the closer we get to June the ability of these kids to keep their traps shut vanishes. Gone. Kaput.
June 5th can't come soon enough ;0)

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