Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm back and ready to roll!

Memorial Day, 2013! After three months of blog dormancy, today is the day I decided to post. My Teckie and Daniel left early this morning to quad ride in the Hungry Valley, trying out Daniel’s new quad. I lay in bed and prayed for their safety. I hate how dangerous those things are! Lucas slept at a friend’s house last night, so it's just me, the wiener dogs and fourteen chickens holding down the farm. Peaceful.
So much has happened in the past months, it’s overwhelming to know where to start. Blanche and I are still cruising the neighborhood, and although I am not training for any distance unicycle races, I find time to hop on and enjoy the gorgeous Spring weather on my single wheeler.
There are only seven school days left at my job in fourth grade and although sad to see another bunch of sweet kids move on,  I welcome ten weeks of summer break. Unicycle Rose and Co. have planned an exciting road trip that we're counting down to. In July, we will visit, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park and Bryce National Park in Utah. White-water rafting, hiking and canyoneering are on the agenda along with spending time with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Matt. It will be a many-miled adventure! And, if all goes right, Lucas will have his driver's liscense and help out on some of the long drives (God help us).

Now, how do I fit in three months of life in one measly post? The best way to capture it may be with pictures? Well, it’s going to have to be, as I am ready to take a unicycle ride and am short on time. Enjoy!
Lucas turned 16 on March 14th! Of, course that's an ice cream cake ;0)
Six baby chickies arrived right before Easter. They lived in our bathtub for weeks and drove the Wiener Sisters crazy!
As I write this, they are so big (in such a short time)
that they are in the big coop outside!
We skipped dying eggs and decorated Easter sugar cookies instead!
We hosted Easter. Too bad the weather wasn't that great. It rained. Wa, wa, wa! 
Goldie went all "Hollywood" on us.  She didn't get the part and moved back home.
Daniel taught Benson how NOT to push him on the swing. Some lessons are learned the hard way.
I chaperoned at Sixth Grade Science Camp and had THE Sweetest six girls in my cabin. Daniel tolerated
having me in his peer space, acknowlging me MOST of the time. He is so "almost 13!"
Just home from The State Finals for Lucas's Drumline Competition in San Bernardino. One day earlier, Lucas
was in the ER with chest pain. Panic! Drama! Thankfully, it was nothing serious! PTL!

I snuck away to Santa Barbara to play with Miss Piggy and Lui! Cheers to sisters everywhere, CLINK!
 I talked my Dad into crafting aluminum Crosses in four sizes that I am painitng and selling. It's
been a fun and interesting adventure. This week I am bringing some to a local store to sell on consignment.
 There is so much more to this post, but I managed to delete it. I am so NOT a technical person. Frustrating! Consider this Part 1 and I will re-create Part 2 later. For now, I am ready to roll!
Peace and Keep the Balance!

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