Monday, February 25, 2013

Alliteration or Tongue Twister? You Decide!

I bought seeds to plant spring flowers. In the past, I have purposely popped in the nursery to  purchase plants ready to plop in patio pots  (Is that alliteration or a tongue twister?). Then, I would sit back and enjoy the process of watching them slowly take off. Not this year. Because of the upcoming (what seems to really-be-happening) Federal Employee Furloughs, we are trimming the fat! Twenty percent of my husband's pay will vanish for the rest of the year ...  if things don't change FAST! Little things like buying seeds and using candles instead of electricity will make all the difference. Just kidding, we are planning on keeping the lights on. Cross your fingers that this whole shebang is just "Obama Drama"    ;0)

We loved that long President's Day weekend. Lucas stayed with Overboard as he had a band commitment and the three of us drove up to Pine Mountain. We shared a cabin with another family that loves to hike and sled all day ... just like us! It was special having Daniel all to ourselves. Being that he is the second kid, he's never known a life without his brother. A highlight was hiking up to a frozen waterfall. It was amazing to see the flowing cascades, stoppped dead-cold (literally) in their tracks. My Teckie returned with poison oak, and I came home rejuvinated. Getting away and frolicking in the snow was a much needed break and blessing.

What an amazing sight!

As for Lucas, he drove Overboard all over town for four days in our third car he named Rex (NOT Wrecks). Overboard went Overboard (because that's who she is) with her first grandson. He described his stay "like having room service." He didnt' want to leave and keeps asking when we're going away next. With my Teckie's pay being slashed, sorry to disappoint Lucas, but we are staying put. Unless ... we win the lottery and that could happen. Remember dreams are free! Right? Right.

Daniel's team played their last CYBA game. They won! The have lost one game and that puts them in second place overall and ready to enter the playoffs this Saturday. As for his school team, their final game was Friday night, and although they won, they did not make  the playoffs. The highlight of that game was the cheering section; Overboard, Tarry, Teckie, Cutie-Pie and Benson were all there to boost morale!

Chicken Report: We have six "day-old chicks" (yes, six more birds!) arriving by mail from Mc Murray Hatchery at the end of March. My son and Teckie are excited about the Spring arrival as I still scramble to find creative ways to eat, share and cook forty eggs a week!  As I write this, we are dealing with two hens that are "broody." This sort of thing really happens, where hens (in this case, Spud and Festus) think they must sit on the eggs due to stubborn-motherly instinct. They won't move, eat or drink to protect those unfertilized eggs! It's crazy and if you try to move Spud, she pecks at your hand ... to the point that Daniel wears gloves when he forces her out. Mother Bears, Broody Chickens, and Moms everywhere share a common sense to protect Little Ones; real or imaginary ;0)

Finally, I wonder what God has planned for Unicycle Rose. My writing is tugged in a differnt direction that is new and exciting. This "blogging thing" has been amazing and a great way to keep up with family happenings. The truth that "In Life Balance is Everything!" remains alive, because it's true! I still encourage others "to keep the balance" and learn to ride a unicycle every chance I get!

However, for now, I'll follow my heart (I've always been the overemotional type) and take a pause. It could be for a week, months, or just a day. Really. I don't know. I'm trusting that God is working inside of me, my heart and keyboard. I want to follow His direction.

But before I "take five,"  I MUST prepare and post those perfectly preposterous "Fourthgradeisms" because they're pretty punchy and sure to make your lips purse pleasantly (is that alliteration or a tongue twister?)

Coming soon ;0)

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