Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Unicycle Rose's Chicken Update

Seven eggs today! Again, all different sizes and color.  It’s sort of neat how individual these eggs are; sort of like people. All covered differently on the outside but various and softy-like on the inside. I've been picking up our eggs because of the boy’s busy schedules. I feel like the So-Cal-Caroline Ingalls’s putting on my boots and entering the coop with a bucket to collect the gems.  This brood of chickens brings out the Pioneer-ette in me! Really!  And …  it’s not only the eggs, but gathering firewood at night, our peach tree is blossoming and Pa-Teckie strums the gee-tar at night. AWW, Shoot! Life is good ;0)
Benson lov'in on the chicken while Daniel hand-feeds her. Is it just me, or is this picture DANG KEWT?
Daniel and My Teckie visited the feed store this weekend and are planning to get them some baby chicks, just for the sheer joy of raising them! I am neutral on this fowl development. We absolutely don’t need eggs, but the experience is what they are after. Honestly, it seems, "unpretentious pleasures" are what make this often-crazy life matter AND "unpretentious pleasures" keep life effortlessly enjoyable. No? 

Shoot Ya! Keep it simple.  I'll keep you posted on the baby chick progress.

Next on our Chicken Report?

Alas, I announce THE WINNER of the 2012 Quote of the Year:
 “Someone done-stole my shelless egg!” 
 - My Teckie, July 4, 2012, not joking

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