Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I was up at 5AM this morning to walk four miles.  It’s crazy because, “Baby it’s cold outside” and I MUCH rather snuggle in bed. You might say that scootin' that early is pretty much sleepwalking.  If THIS is what it takes to get my body back in balance, then it’s all good!   

As for maintaining self-discipline, I slipped a bit today, but will forgive myself. When I returned from Fourth Grade I was hungry and had some “no-no’s.” I won’t let it get me down.
However, this morning my showered husband announced that since our "BIG WEIGH-IN" (don't try this at home) he has already lost 1.5 pounds!  What is THAT?  He cuts back to two helpings of dinner and only one dessert and still loses weight in forty-eight hours!

I say blame Eve! Why did she have to eat that darn apple? Women battling self-control across America are crawling up Holiday Hill with  Quadro-Boob (Definition: when  your boobs are too big and spilling out your bra and it looks like you have four of them) while men, "The Adams," zip up that very same hill on a  motorcycle! It’s not fair! The truth is thisLife is not fair. Fare is what you pay to get on the bus!
So ...  I am sleepwalking forward and sticking to my plan. Now, I shall have my newly-permitted son drive me on errands and hope he does not run another stop sign or throw the car into "drive" where he intended "reverse."
As for tomorrow? Quadro-Boob and I will attempt four miles on Blanche.  I should not complain. If I have to gain weight, what better places to have it settle but Boob A and Boob B?
 Let's stay positive people ;0)

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