Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Balance Tip O’ the Week

My puzzle is an enjoyable-hard challenge,
The BEST kind!
Be Kind; Everyone You Meet
 is Fighting a Hard Battle
  Personal battles take on a gazillion different styles and characteristics.  I’m talking about THAT battle (unique to each of us) to heed the angel or devil on our shoulders or, like many folks, who crusade a fight for good health or making the right decisions. Either way, we are all in the middle of something.

It’s true that things may look peachy-keen on the outside, but inside most are in a tug-of war with a person, place, thing, health, habit, fear, realtionship, finances or??? Just fill in the blank!  
Why wouldn't you keep this Balance Tip handy? Especially at a time of year when bills are high, flu is rampant and sunny days are short. There’s not a soul on this planet that won’t benefit from grace, consideration and compassion.

BE KIND because everyone is in conflict whether big or small, obvious or not.

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