Saturday, January 5, 2013


Happy 100% Day!
This score hides from most of us during school years. A tough grade to achieve, I give kudos to Lucas for passing the Driver’s Permit Test with a 100%! Who does THAT … especially after missing fifteen the first time around? Lucas. This kid is a survivor on so many levels and I am pleased that he put the "pedal to the metal," so to speak, and prevailed. Lots of studying of the California driving laws occurred here these last weeks. The same time I was sitting on my Unicycle Butt enjoying “Festive Mode,” Lucas was soaking up driving laws like ShamWow! 

After his first driving lesson today, he’s free to hop in the third “family car” we bought this week and go with any twenty-five-year-old (or above) licensed driver for practice.  If you are available and don’t have prior convictions, please make contact.

This is where I miss Grandma Fish, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Matt. Taking a starter teen driver on the road is something only family is willing to risk. He has my Italian Clan to lean on as he learns the delicate-balance challenge of doing ten things at once (scan mirrors, clicker on, watch speed, slow down, pray, speed up, wink in reivew mirror, ignore cell phone, etc, etc.). I know he will make mistakes along the way. Again, if you are available and don’t have prior convictions, please make contact ;0)
Can you tell I am proud and frightened all in the same breath?

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