Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Love Thursdays

Thursday is my “everything day.” Admittedly, it’s an off-balance day as it’s my only one away from Fourth Grade and I cram everything into the sunlight hours like an overstuffed carry-on bag.

I rode Blanche bright and early this morning, when kids were hustling to school, and cars to work.  This was not my usual time to cruise four miles and it felt like helium; uplifting.

One construction worker shouted, “You haven’t been around in a while!” I blushed, realizing he was talking to me. Blanche must be the only unicycle that passes through there.  Children walking and riding bikes to school stared with great surprise, as their lips pursed into round-donut circles, looking and pointing as if I had two heads. I forgot what it was like to ride around people.  It was so busy and alive “out there.”
The best part was when I was close to home, a man walked up and was standing on the corner near the  street light. Staring. Car keys in hand. My mind twittered … Is he looking at me? Surely not. But then, maybe. He’s not moving, just kindly looking on as I approached.

Getting closer, I hopped off Blanche. It seemed he had something to say.
He owns a business nearby, and had seen me riding in the past. His son also rides a unicycle and plays basketball, at the same time. Craaazzzy! I introduced myself and we stood there chatting it up, single-wheelie style. Nice guy. I love meeting new people!

As I rode away, I wondered if I was called to attempt this sport that requires idling; something I've yet to master. Oh, and dribbling a basketball while riding a unicycle? There stands another problem. But wait, there’s more!  I would probably be the only female and I'm old-er (almost mid-forties baby!). Unlike this guy’s son who  is probably  a whippersnapper in his twenties, all limber and unicycle fit, reeking of balance and control as he gracefully idles while dribbling a basketball, big-white smile on, making it look easy. Jeesh!  I'm snickering because it takes my every cell to unicycle this old-er body, taking deep breathes and soaking in God’s beautiful world while working up a healthy sweat and unintentionally entertaining the neighborhood. Just keeping good balance mile after mile,  and not falling on my face is enough! Go figure.
Regardless, I think I will look into this unicycle basketball group. Maybe I can squeeze in watching a game with my kids or connect with some like-minded unicycle peeps … hopefully on a Thursday :0)