Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vacation Blues are the sign of a good time

It’s so cliché to say “I need a vacation from my vacation,”but we came back from Kauai exhausted, yet high as kites after all the adventure. 
My tekie hanging on for dear life!!
The Vacation Blues clouded my head for a bit. Our visit was packed with ziplining over valleys and rivers, kayaking for miles, hiking to waterfalls, Zodiac boating with dolphins along the Na pali coast, exploring Kuaui, partying at a yummy luau and viewing the fake-looking-perfect sights  everywhere(cue the swan).

In addition, we made new friends and I forced my guys to "shop" at Hilo Hatties. It just about killed them.  Whew! Daniel tried scuba diving and both boys discovered they love virgin pina coladas (what’s not to love?).

Did I mention that wild chickens roam Kuaui everywhere, and I mean everywhere you go? It's like a petting zoo.  Daniel playfully took it upon himself to catch a wild chicken or two. And, the Chicken Whisperer did it!
Just like home
We woke up to the crowing of many roosters.  Truth be told, my Tekie and I wore ear plugs, unlike Lucas, who opted to sleep outside on the patio listening to the tropical rains fall at night.
Nature lover or future bum? You decide.
I admit when we returned to California I felt a bit out of balance due to the time change,  but recalibrated after many naps and passing days.  It is key to stay in balance to enjoy life, no? YES!
We are the corny tourists in matching Hawaiian garb ;0)
My thirsty plants, the Weiner Sisters and brood of chickens (still alive, but one is molting), were happy to have us home ... and it is good to be back in our groove.
 It makes you appreciate the specialal times when you step out of the every-day routine for a stint. God's beautiful world is amazing!
A little slice of heaven
Being  home means that Fourth Grade (AKA: work) starts next week, my son is deep into band camp, laundry is piled high and my husband jumped back on his treadmill of work. I am  stealing away this weekend to Santa Barbara to spend time with my out-of-state cousins. All this before THE GRIND starts, and I still have  the vacation spirit alive in me.

Two miles kayaking followed by a hike and lunch. This is where we landed. Not so bad, eh?
 Visiting a Land of Oz is awesome, however, Dorothy was spot on when she said, "There's no place like home."  It is the best place to return to!

The 1,2,3's of scuba diving
When our money tree starts blooming, we will return to this magical “Garden Island.” For now I hope you enjoyed some of my photos from this once-in-a-lifetime family vacation! 
The Kuaui Krew
The Kauai week was  a cherished tropical blessing!

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