Friday, August 24, 2012

"The God Part"

Spending time in the Emergency Room with Lucas, we had hours of concentrated talking time. He told me about a story he heard at AMEN (our young men’s church Group).  It went like this …  There was a man who possessed great faith that every day he would thank God for things not yet received. He was so sure that God would pull through, sometimes waiting years, yet always keeping a heart of deep gratitude and constant thanksgiving every day. Lucas explained that it is all about having faith that God can and will do the impossible.

I liked the story and then he said, “But wait, let me get to The God Part.”  Thinking we just went over “The God Part,” I zipped my lips as he went on. 
“When Jenny (a dear friend, maybe more)  told me she was backing out of going to Camp Del Corazon (, I laid on the floor thanking God that she WOULD go.”  In the ER, with oozing skin and swollen parts, Lucas was sharing “The God Part” of the story and how he tried the Faith Lesson learned at AMEN .  How camp was only six days away and he was bummed that she said she could not go, but thanked God that she would.
At our Cousins Getaway, far removed from home life :0)
Let me back up … The reason we were in the ER was that while I was away this weekend with my cousins in Santa Barbara, my sons and their friends built a ramp. This bumpy incline barely qualified with ramp status.  Just rusty nails and old-sloping-wood hammered together.  Lucas jumped his bike off it.

Without a helmet.
On the pavement.

He messed up the right side of his body and was covered in road rash, a huge swollen elbow and knee, much pain and a boy-zest for his many abrasions.
I know what you are thinking. Where was his father during the helmetless-jalopy-bike-ramp session? All I can deduct is that fathers have a different approach (or lack of) when it comes to supervising their sons.

Nuff said.
Back to the story.
Here is "The God Part."  When Jenny went to withdraw from camp due to missing too many tests her first year of high school, she was told that if she did not attend they would not pay for her transportation from Arizona to California for future Camp Del Corazon (www.campdelcorazon.orgtrips. THIS truth she could not live with and decided to suck it up and go. And, as I write this Lucas and Jenny are on day two of what Lucas calls the best part of every summer.
In the end of that long ER night, Lucas hobbled out with no broken parts, just an elbow contusion, irritated-gross skin, and a brain full of lectures on helmets from doctors, nurses, and me. Exhausted, I drove home, happy to have had the precious time with my fifteen-year-old son  and amazed at how he is teaching me about "The God Part" of life.

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