Friday, August 31, 2012

Change-A-Roo Time

Remember the movie The Bridges of Madison County? I loved the book and the movie, but the biggest take away was Clint Eastwood saying, “The only thing you can depend on in this life is change.”  That quote has stuck in my head like caramel in a teenager's braces.

Shaved Lucas and his chemistry assignment
Change, is everywhere. Not just in carpools, hair color and couch cushions, but every-darn-where. It throws me off balance trying to adjust to the end-of-summer-start-of-school groove. Turmoil hid inside me because many new adjustments scattered my day, like toddler toys in every room of the house. This season is a clutter of changes. I hopped on Blanche and took her on a four-mile spin. I felt free and revitalized listening to good music, praying, mapping out life, and being an encourager to myself. At mile three, I started to feel the unicycle strain, however, I returned clear headed and rejuvenated, like after a good house cleaning.
Don't cha love Overboard's shirt? 
My first week back in fourth grade went smooth like butter. The teacher I worked with for five years retired and my new boss is a bright, tech-savvy young ‘in. We make a good team.
Oh yes,  Lucas came home from Camp Del Corazon without hair. He bid the mullet fare-the-well and his buddy shaved his head. Living hairless has served him well these blazing-hot first days of school. However, I miss the mullet. Thank goodness, hair is changeable and temporary!
Daniel LOVED his first week of sixth grade, signing up for flag football and reveling in the change that lockers and new class schedules bring.  Today is his birthday and the morning was kicked off with Overboard waking him up with his favorite donut, singing Happy Birthday. However, he is a sad birthday boy … that brings me to The Chicken Report. 
The good news is that we are collecting five eggs a day. The bad news? Today we shipped off the cutest and cuddliest hens because time has proven them to be growing-loud roosters. Is there any other kind? Why yes, there are. Quiet, feather-footed chickies that are mistaken for hens, until they start cockfighting and crowing at the crack of dawn! The past mornings my Teckie put them in the garage to cut down on the decibels of crowing my neighbors must hate. When we returned Boots and Queen, um, I mean King,  Daniel had a droopy-broken-birthday heart. 
I tried to convince my Teckie to exchange the roosters for feed, however, they returned with two little black "hens." Daniel's spirits shot up, as for mine? No comment.
Bye Boots and King the rooster formerly known as Queen the hen
 This week I waved my white flag to life’s shifting cycles.  Everything changes.
 The trick is to keep good  balance and juggle newness so that life is enjoyable, appreciated, love-filled and steady. When, and if, you feel overwhelmed? Hop on your unicycle :0 )

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