Saturday, July 21, 2012

An All-American Girl's Summer

I considered changing my blog name to "ROSE: An American Girl" because I have not ridden my unicycle in months. Where did the balancing act go? Earlier this week I saddled up on Blanche and cruised around the hood, wondering IF I could keep my balance. It was not easy and after two miles I was shaky and weak (AKA: out of unicycle shape), but I didn’t fall and am officially back on my one-wheelie horse. Hee Haw!
I saw a saw ...

Chicken Condos, No Vacancy (at this time)
For Father’s Day my teckie bought a skill saw and created "chicken condos" right away. Our feathered friends love to roost in them and one started laying in the cozy-two bedroom condos! Thumbs up for my Techie-Chicken King!
Look Mom, no shell!
Chicken Update :  Our hens are laying four eggs a day as our Pullet "Spud" has joined the brood of regular layers. This was after we received two shell-less eggs in one week. They felt like a mini-water balloon without the tied end with a yolk inside. You could see the floating-yellow middle when held up to the light. Freaky Egg Anomoly (say THAT ten times fast)! More than ever, we're handing out eggs like Halloween candy.
"The Boys of Summer" ...  Magic Mountian once a year is MORE than enough for me :0)
On another note ... summer is trucking along beautifully. We took our annual Magic Mountain trip with boys galore. I’m officially old, as I did not ride one coaster, but hung back and held the kids “stuff” as they zoomed with my husband from ride to ride. Fast, jolting rides are no longer fun to this old broad.  I get nauseous watching those loud-metal monsters zoom-screaming folks around the park. “People watching” was my favorite part of the day. From what I could tell, Magic Mountain is the "safe haven" for young'ns to flirt, hang on each other like drying laundy, and smooch. Couples of all genders were energetically and awkwardly paired off throughout the park. The sociologist in me loved it!
I puffy heart my Big Sister, Miss Piggy! Cheers to another year, CLINK!!
Speaking of love ... Miss Piggy is turning, well, let’s just say another year older (see cake for details ;0). We celebrated at Larryland and I made my signature ice cream cake. This goliath was a fully-loaded chocolate fudge cake, with chocolate-peanut butter ice cream and a layer of crunchy peanut butter tucked in between. Miss Piggy's favorite! It turned out yummy, but honestly? I am more of a vanilla person. However, I managed to force myself to eat a slice (Ha, ha).

Are you a chocolate or vanilla?
This just in ... We are heading to Cross Culture Camp at Lake San Antonio. My husband and I are chaperoning this church youth camp three hours away. Lucas is a junior counselor, and Daniel is the "official camper" of our clan. I haven’t tent camped in fifteen years (haven't missed it one bit) and although not thrilled about living in the dirt for days, I am sure it will be miserable ... no, no! I meant to say ... memorable. Yes, a wonderful memorable time! Think positive!

What will really help me through the camping trip is knowing we will be snorkeling, zip lining and kayaking our way through Kauai the following week. That pleasant thought will see me through the dust, heat and mosquito bites.
But wait, there's more! 
Unicycle Rose is  approaching her 3rd Bloggoversary on July 27th! I admit having been off-kilter when it comes to regular blogging this summer. Maybe when school/work starts back up the joy of thinking up Balance Tips, Challenges and creative writing will spark back into my balancing routine.
Regardless, I stand by the truth that,
In life, Balance is everything!