Saturday, June 30, 2012

Full speed ahead!

Summer is cruising at ramming speed with Daniel starting his 3rd week of Junior Lifeguards on Monday. He is physically exhausted, building muscles and sleeping like a baby.
First Day of Junior Life Guards
 Lucas has been missing for almost two weeks, going to Lake Tulloch with the church youth group for Fryathon. He had an awesome time wake boarding, tubing and flying off the Banana Boat.
Lucas is front right
Guess what? He returned with a mullet haircut and sunburn (both bad). Reminding myself that a haircut is not a tattoo, I’ve embraced the joy of seeing his eyes unhidden by his usual scraggly hair. Now I can see his handsome face! But oh, it is a butcher’s cut. And he loves it.
Just say NO to Mullets and Sunburns
This past week his Arizona friend, Jenny, visited California. Lucas tagged along on trips to Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, and Malibu Beach. It was non-stop!

Jenny and Lucas ... They sort of looked related!
These two share a special friendship, having met on a Mammoth Ski trip put on by Camp Del Corazon six years ago. These two teens have the biggest hearts and I mean that! Jenny's parents joined us for a BBQ hosted by Overboard at Larryland. Cutie Pie and Baby Benson hung out with us too!
Have I mentioned that  I am in love with my nephew? Benson is oodles of fun! So sweet, so innocent, and kid silly. I’m hooked!
Yesterday, Lucas and I visited Santa Barbara to start his 24-hour Holter monitor heart test. This is to make sure his ticker is clicking, as it should. He will remove the wires (think Million Dollar Man) just in time to attend a wedding today.

Chicken Report:  All our nine feathered friends are alive and we currently receive three eggs a day. We have had a couple days with four eggs and this means another one is starting to lay. It is crazy to think that soon all nine chickens will be laying. Nine eggs a day? Just receiving  three eggs a day, I have been handing out half-dozen eggs like flyers for an upcoming event (stop by for yours today).

Hands down, working in Education is the best job for a mom. You can’t beat having summers off to recharge (and shop at Target – it’s clearance time!).  This is the season to appreciate all the blessings I’ve missed when I was zooming to work.  
Cheers to Summertime, CLINK!

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