Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fighting breast cancer the fun way

Never did I anticipate rolling dice and drinking margaritas in the name of breast cancer. However on Saturday, Sue Stonehouse and Pam MacCallum presented their fourth annual Rolling for Pink fundraising (RFP).

RFP started as a group of women who initially met playing Bunko, a dice game. They decided to do their part to help the cause in the most fun way they knew how - a big Bunko tournament.

Over the past three years, with nearly 750 total tournament participants, RFP has proudly donated $75,000 to a major cancer research group, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Their goal this year was to surpass last year’s Tournament/Auction total and reach the total of $100,000 donated to the BCRF.

Having watched my friend Janet fight and struggle through breast cancer this past year, I felt inspired to round up a group to participate in this tournament where all proceeds are donated to finding a cure. Who knew helping fight this icky battle could be put in such a fabulously fun context?
Bunco Buddies - Breast Cancer Survivor Janet is far left. I'm so thankful she's feeling better;0)
The afternoon started with a live band, silent auction, delicious food and margaritas served by “Bunko Boys.” These cute waiters roamed the tournament looking to serve the women playing; getting drinks, taking photos or helping with the game.

Their pink shirts were adorned on the back with funny breast cancer sayings, like “Free Second Opinions,”  “Save the Jigglies,” “Local CSI: Cup Size Inspector,” "Save Second Base," and “If you are reading this I can’t see your boobs”. At one point, it felt like a Mexican vacation with one Bunko Boy saddled up and ready to pour shots!
Down the hatch! OLE!
Three rounds of Bunko were played (each round included six games). Winners were narrowed down to a semi-final. I couldn't believe I made it to this exciting round! Then one finalist won and was awarded $2500. It wasn’t me or any of the fourteen gals in our group. Our friend Reagan was the Biggest Loser at her three tables and took home beautifully potted flowers. I bought twenty dollars worth of raffle tickets and it ended up a good investment. I won a $25 gift card to Whole Foods and, ironically enough, 4 Mc Donald’s Extra Value Meals (don’t tell my arteries).
Nice prize! It makes you wish you were a loser!
Even without taking home a prize, the best part was hanging out with vibrantly-alive-fun-loving ladies. Everyone attending RFP hoped to share some laughs while helping battle a disease that affects so many we love and care about.

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