Friday, June 8, 2012

Balance Tip: Have a summer game plan

Daniel at his Promotion Ceremony - 6th grade here we come!
What do you NEED and WANT to accomplish this summer? Allow your brain to dump everything that is a priority this summer and draft out which projects you could do each week.
As Graduations and Promotion Ceremonies end, now is the time to map out summer plans. Things I NEED to do are cart kids to band camp, junior lifeguards and basketball camp. Other “no fun” jobs will be to clean closets, complete a Holter-monitor-heart test for Lucas, re-organize my kitchen, keep the house clean (ick!), do touch-up painting and other house projects and convince my son to get a haircut. Then of course, I need to return to fourth grade in August to prep for a new school year.

Some fun  plans  I WANT to do include camping with my family, visiting Kauai (Aloha!), sitting poolside sipping wine and doing back flips into the water (but not in that order), attend a special wedding, watch fireworks, play with my nephew, sit on the beach, visit Magic Mountain, mind my garden and keep our chickens alive.
Summer is a great time to recharge and have fun. You can do both if you have focus and a plan!

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