Saturday, May 26, 2012

Patriotic Chick Chat

My sister asked how Daniel was dealing with the chicken trauma. I summarized it with a conversation we shared on a drive home from school.
Pullet One and Pullet Two
“Mom, how many pets do we have?”

“Well, we have two doggies….”  I paused because I wasn’t  sure where this was going.

He chimed in, “We only have two dogs because chickens are livestock. Not pets.”
She's a Grand Old Flag
THIS is how my eleven-year old is dealing with the five chickens killed by the Weiner Sisters, two that died of overheating and one we had to return due to illness. After all the loss, he concluded that chickens don’t really count as beloved animals that are cherished or kept for companionship. BINGO!  I totally agree!

On another note Plymouth, the rooster, was  removed from the Cape Cod Coop yesterday because he was continually "riding" our hens and started showing signs of cock-a-doodle-dooing. My neighbors wouldn't have appreciated that.

So, back to the feed store. 

The chicken exchange isn’t worth delving into because it’s become rote. Let’s just say we now have two pullets (young female chickens that haven't started laying eggs) and two more Mystery Chickens, like Roadrunner, that appear to be  wearing furry boots.
Daniel messing around before his airsoft battle. God Bless America! AMEN!
Enough of chick-chat. Let’s talk Memorial Day! Red, white and blue are this All-American Girl's favorite colors. I love, love, love the American flag, too.  Isn't she bold and beautiful? I had fun pulling out my collection and hanging "God Bless America" on my garage.  My house and yard are patriotically decked out; a sure-sign summer is near! Only seven days left working at school and then it's time to play,play,PLAY all summer! This three-day weekend is a perfect chance to "practice" for summer. After all, practice makes perfect :)
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Be safe out there!

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