Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Magic Castle

Dinner at Yamashiros
No pictures allowed INSIDE the Magic Castle
Our visit to the World Famous Magic Castle, home of the Academy of Magical Arts, is a night I'll never forget. I don’t know much about the art of magic outside my dad finding a quarter behind my ear. Magic encompasses many sizes and styles, from up-close intimate sleight of hand to grand illusions on a stage.

The neat thing about this huge-castle mansion was that it housed many theatres, each of them able to feature some of those different styles. We saw all types of shows, after enjoying Japanese food at Yamashiro’s in the Hollywood Hills. 

At the Magic Castle, we sat front row watching Johnny Ace Palmer in the Close-up Gallery. Unbelievable! We visited our host, Mark Collier, at the W. C. Fields Bar and we were able to squeeze in a show in the Palace of Mystery and a visit to the Owl bar. I realized that THIS is what people used do for entertainment before movies, radio and television. Think Vaudeville, because the entire night had an unedited-good-old-fashion-fun feel.
This private club has the atmosphere of an early 1900’s Victorian parlor and library. The decorum still insists that gentlemen visitors wear coat and tie and old paintings hang on the wall like the Haunted House at Disneyland. It was a step back in time.
My Awesomesouvenir and Mark with his ginormous trophy
When we arrived at the W.C. fields Bar, Mark Collier didn’t recognize us. Then he blurted out, “Unicyclerose!” and the evening pushed into high gear. The “trick of the night” was I wrote my name on a random card. I expected it to be another one of “those” card tricks.  I placed my signed card into the deck and he set it aside, saying he’d get back to it later. Next juggling hats, card tricks, wit, and humor gushed from him like a broken pipe. It didn't stop! Before we knew it, his show was over. We reminded him about my card buried in the deck.  He acted surprised then turned behind where alcohol lined the bar. He grabbed a bottle of white wine (my favorite) and handed it to me. Inside the sealed bottle floated my six of hearts with “” written on it. Incredible! Plus,what an Awesomesouvenir! (Yes, it deserves one-word status. It was that astounding).
I am hoping if I “play my cards right” we’ll be invited back ;0)

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