Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Linner

Preparing for Easter Linner (that’s what we call a late lunch-early dinner) is half the holiday fun.  My homemade-ice-cream-Easter-chick cake was a hit. My creation was white cake with strawberry ice cream, and cream cheese frosting. Decorating was fun, yet stressful. When frosting ice cream cake, time is of the essence.  You spread quick and swiftly to avoid meltdown.  This time I added coconut grass, Peep chicks coming out of Air Head eggshells, flowers, and jellybean eggs.  Imagine playing “Beat the Clock” without the cash prize. My sweet creation was not perfect (nothing ever is) but looked Easter-y and tasted AMAZING. All six pounds of it!
Popcorn, get yer popcorn!
 Easter Service was a blessing as my Techie rocked on electric guitar and Lucas on huge bongos in the worship band. The only glitch was that they had to arrive to pre-practice at 7AM Easter morning. I was fast asleep when they left the house.  When we got to church I saw Lucas seated at the drums in front of hundreds of people dressed in a green T-shirt, old jeans, and black Converse. Really?  Did he think he was going to the Skate Park? Both played remarkable music and Jesus doesn’t care what you wear. But really? Jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt on the biggest Christian holiday of the year? Oh, don’t get me started ;0)
Please don't feed the animals
 Easter Sunday was amazing and I’ll spill the (jelly) beans and share the deets.

My nephew was in carnival clothes, selling popcorn. Just kidding, but he looked like he could work under the big top with his checkered shirt and pink bow tie. So cute!

We visited the park and enjoyed the amazing warm weather, football and new frisbee. Uncle Dave and Lucas climbed trees like Easter Monkeys!
The dogs enjoyed the park as much as the humans. Confetti eggs hid in Easter baskets, so there were playful shenanigans all around. One of the Weiner Sisters sported a confetti bindi!
 Easter Linner was grilled steaks and chicken. Deee-lish!  I love my family and they deliever maximum joy and laughter whenever we gather. It really doesn’t matter what we eat, or where we go. It’s a simple delight to just BE a family. Together and healthy ;0)
 Another special event was our visit to the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. That trip’s post is in the works! Until then, remember, Alleluia! Jesus Lives!
My Easter Blessings (Lucas in his Sunday Best)

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