Friday, April 20, 2012

Crammed Blessings from God

Picking up from my last post about keeping life-balance by saying “no,” I must add that circumstances arise where you can’t say “NO” … because you don’t want to even though you’ll be stretched. That’s because the events you say ”yes“ to are “Crammed Blessings.”  They fall on the same weekend, so you suck it up and pray for endurance to enjoy each and every one.

This Sunday is the Thousand Oaks 5K and 10K and I’m ready to ride Blanche. While preparing with a six-mile ride yesterday, I had this crazy idea to take a picture of my shadow. That wasn't an easy task while on a unicycle with big-red-boobs-in-the-way and a lousy-cell-phone camera. However, I was up for the balance challenge and excited for this weekend. Here it is :0)

Another “Crammed Blessing” is Overboard’s birthday.  As she says, “Every day above ground is a good day!” True!  Tonight we cheers to her, CLINK!  My Techie is busting out the Volcano Stove and cooking dinner. This is a rare occasion and a welcomed one too ;0) Daniel painted her gift yesterday and we are thankful to start a new year of Overboard, who’s turning sixty-seven!
A gift from the heart Overboard will love
“Crammed Blessing” #2 is the Camp Del Corazon Gala on Saturday night in Los Angeles. Lucas has practiced his speech to encourage the crowd of elites to donate big bucks to this amazing summer camp on Catalina Island for kids with congenital heart defects. He will be wearing a tuxedo so that will help. In addition, if he remembers to “speak slowly” then it will be a win-win for Camp Del Corazon.
Amongst this, we have finished building the Cape Cod Chicken Coop (darling!) and are watching Cinco (my niece-dog) who loves to play catch. She is different than the Weiner Sisters with her  jumping and running skills. Cinco has them ;0)
My final “Crammed Blessing” will be waking at dawn Sunday to attend the race. I appreciate that my legs work and I can pull this off (fingers crossed). This is a miracle as I realize that good health is everything. In addition, it's a huge blessing to have wellbeing amongst sickness and stressful divorces that surround my unicycle world. Ug! 

Honestly, I welcome a “Crammed Blessing” weekend, although it's a tad stressful. It says in Psalms 16:1-3 You are my Lord. All the good things I have come from You.”
I agreed with Sara when she woofed...
 "Thank God for a weekend of Crammed Blessings!”

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