Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Hearted Volunteers

Eight years ago, Lucas boarded a boat headed to Camp Del Corazon on Catalina Island. He was young and I was nervous about him being so far away. The memory of that day is clear in my head. We dropped him off in Marina Del Rey and met his cabin counselors. These two volunteers went by nicknames; Tags and Wheels and they would shepherd the Cabin “Tugboats” for five days. For both, it was their first year volunteering.
2004 - Wheels, Lucas and Tags
They seemed like nice people as I spent time talking to them, debriefing them, and begging them to take care of my Lucas. We met other nervous parents who also tried to take reassurance in the medical staff and camp volunteers who would be with our kids for the next five days. I won’t lie, I was anxious as the boat pulled from the dock. 
Fast-forward eight years ….
Everyone is all grown up

Last Saturday, Lucas accepted the invitation to speak at The Camp Del Corazon Gala Del Sol. It’s their big fundraiser held at Universal Studios in the Globe Theatre.
This glitzy party started with a walk down the red carpet to cocktail hour, silent auction, and food prepared by the Wolf Gang Puck Team. To our surprise, Tags and Wheels from Lucas’ first camp year were there and the reunion was filled with funny stories, laughter and an overall amazement at the speed of time. It was a wonderful moment!  These guys continue to volunteer two weeks of their summer to help children with heart problems forget their worries and just be a regular kid at camp having a blast!
 I love the following Erma Bombeck quote that sums up these men. "Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain love for one another."
 I've more to share about The Gala and Lucas’s speech to the sold-out event that was hosted by Joel McHale (E!s “the Soup”) and Tom Arnold. Hearing the hosts tell their stories of loved ones who suffer from heart defects made me realize that we all share a love for children battling heart disease. 

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