Monday, April 23, 2012

Balance Tip O’ the Week – Be Prepared

It wasn't easy, but we did it!
My first mistake when I signed up to ride Blanche in the Thousand Oaks 10K was assuming that this race was like the past half-marathons I’ve trained for. Ha! Instead of doing homework, I built up my unicycle riding to 6.2 flat miles and felt prepared. Jeez, was I wrong! Sunday’s course included a loooong hill and when at the top there started a much sharper longer down side. Using my legs as extreme downhill breaks was something I did not train for. Near the bottom of this hill, you had to turn around and head back up this beast. On Blanche, I can ride down hills and I can turn. However, I wasn’t ready to turn while steeply sloped.  Helllllo Fall #1, hands meet asphalt! Pushing Blanche up this killer hill, my pride and buns felt every step. 
I knew I’d have to walk a section because part of the course was on a dirt-rocky path. When I attempted to ride, the muddy-equestrian trail was no match for my tired-noodley legs. Hellllo Fall #2! Farumph!

Today, I wince when I walk.  I'm sore. A couple times during the race, I toyed with quitting, as I felt my body weaken.  But I was determined to complete that dam thing and after one hour and ten minutes, I did. Hooray! It's over, hooray!

The day didn’t go as planned (nothing ever does). However, I had fun with my neighbor and I loved sharing  the infectious Race Day Spirit with all those prepared athletes! Plus, I won a sweatshirt in the after-race raffle! Most importantly,  I learned an important lesson in keeping life balance, and the Boy Scouts said it best:
“Be Prepared.”

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