Saturday, April 7, 2012

Balance eating tips for Easter

For Easter, I've come up with tips to balance your holiday intake. We live in a culture with tremendous food focus. It’s easy to overeat at the Easter table or picking through the kid’s Easter baskets. From experience, nothing feels worse than a sugar hangover, or that bloated-fat feeling the morning after a big holiday.
Balance Tips:
Remember jellybeans are not really food.

Butter in the shape of an egg has as many calories and as much fat as regular butter.

Don’t eat to make others happy. If you don’t like Aunt Betty’s crunchy green beans, you don’t have to eat them. Unless you are a kid. Then Mom forces you.

Remember to drink lots of water, then drink some more. Hydrate Baby!

Remind yourself that there is wonderful protein inside those colorful Easter eggs. 

Avoid second helpings just because it tastes yummy. Ask yourself if you are really hungry.

Did I mention that jellybeans are not real food? 

Easter (for me) is about celebrating Jesus’ resurrection from the cross, along with friends, family and fun. Make those your focus instead of peeps and chocolate bunnies. If you feel out of balance in the eating department this Easter, grab your human peeps and walk to the playground for some basketball or kite flying.  We are hosting tomorrow and we'll visit the park with our family, giant frisbee and the Weiner Sisters. What are your plans?
 Cheers to Resurrection Sunday! Have fun and keep the balance ;0)

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