Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Missouri of Procrastination

Many lessons are learned the hard way. Experiencing the stress of procrastination, for example, is pure misery, or shall I say, Missouri?  I know that postponing leads to anxiety and pressure, but Daniel didn’t.
Until last week.  
He had three weeks to complete his 5th Grade Missouri State Report (20 pages) that also included a Missouri State Cookie with oral presentation. I reminded Daniel the first two weeks, but he chose not to begin until week three! This project was a ton of work, especially the research, and he spent 2-3 hours a night learning about Missouri’s historical facts, geography, people, politics, industry etc. It was an intense week filled with Jesse James, Indians, the St. Louis Gateway Arch, Ozark Mountains and coal mines. When it was finally over (and Missouri never looked or tasted so good) Daniel admitted that he learned a lesson about planning and the misery of procrastination.

This is a valuable lesson to learn "early on" if a person hopes to keep the balance in, not only schoolwork, but life.
It is ironic that Missouri is known as the “Show Me State,”
because it sure showed him!

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