Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hurry Magical-Unicycle-Easter April

Magic Castle here I come
At home on a Saturday night celebrating the never-ending-15th- birthday of Lucas via slumber party. Heck, you only celebrate fifteen once, or in his case, four-times-in-one-month! With my husband plugged into practicing his guitar solo, me thinks this a great time to catch up on Unicycle Rose. If you were curious, I rode Blanche four miles today, meeting my weekly goal of eight miles total. Soon, I’ll be pushin my short legs into six-mile mode in preparation for the 10K in April.
Show me The Bunny ;0)

Another exciting happening is that I sent my blog post “Magical” (3-16-12), to magician Mark Collier, whom we met in Santa Barbara on my Birthday. I thanked him and expressed how much we enjoyed his tricks and humor. He responded with “You were a lot of fun to perform for” (read:one too many jalapeno martinis).“I hope you guys come into The Palace again sometime. Let me know if you ever want to go to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I will be performing there on April 6th and 7th.”

Did he say Magic Castle?

I’m part-country bumpkin and was not sure what this Hollywood-Abra-Cadabra-Castle-thingy was about. However, my big-city sister, Miss Piggy, flipped at the thought of visiting the Home of the Academy of Magical Arts. It's on her bucket list, but not an easy goal to check off, as it is an exclusive private club and you must be a member or have a guest card from a member to gain admittance. In our case, the Amazing Magician Mark Collier (toss confetti and applaud here), is providing the golden ticket to this thrilling night that hosts five different magic shows in three different showrooms.
I am so done with March “the-eternal-family-birthday month” and ready to dive into a magical-unicycle-10K-Easter month. April? Bring it, show me the bunny!

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