Thursday, March 29, 2012

Family Rules

Shopping this week, I bought “Family Rules” to hang in our home. This sweet set of laws is sure to promote harmony under any roof. Look it over and I’m positive you'll agree. My favorites on this list are Laugh Out Loud and Listen to your parents.  However, after reviewing  “Family Rules” I realized some policies that my all-boy household require are missing. Without these "Customized Family Rules" listed below, our family would tilt completely out-of-balance.

Family Rules
Wear deodorant
Shower daily
Use soap
Keep your ears clean
Keep your mouth clean
Don’t kick your brother
Don’t hit your brother
Don’t look at your brother
I said don’t look at your brother
Use your toothbrush
Use the toilet brush
Pick up the seat
Be a gentleman
Napkin on lap
Don’t burp at the table
Don’t shove blow-up Monkeys under your clothes at the table
Pat attention
<><> <><>
Do you see why additional rules are needed?
Pay your debts
Use a tissue
Put tissue in trash
Take out the trash
Don’t play with knives
Be careful with air soft guns
Wear eye protection
Wear clean socks
Wear a smile
Feed your soul
Feed the Dogs
Clean up the dog mess
Don’t step in dog mess
Avoid muddy puddles
Avoid messy relationships
Lower that horrid music
Lower your voice
Don’t hide candy in your room
Don’t hide anything in your room
Love your Mother

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