Friday, March 9, 2012

Best Birthday Bouquet Ever

Surprise! I walked into Fourth Grade and was greeted by balloons and beautiful spring flowers decorating my desk!  These were better than any fresh bouquet; they were handmade by each student who included a birthday message. Some made my name into an acrostic poem. Cute! Simple, kind expressions are my favorite gift and kid-kind words are at the top of that “touch my heart”  list. I started to get teary as they sang Happy Birthday with their big-toothy smiles and ten-year-old voices. Then, they crooned the "Fourth Grade Birthday Song" and it goes like this:
“This is your birthday song, it isn’t very long. Hey!” (Punch fist in air when shouting Hey!)
These lovely flowers wake up my house, will never die and their sweet sentiments stuck in my head remind me that I “rock,” am "splendid" and a “great math helper,” among other things. If I’m feeling down, these are the blossoms I pick to lift my spirits.
Why does it feel so nice to be loved by children? It just does.
Thank God for my little Fourth Grade blessings!

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