Sunday, March 11, 2012

Balance Tip O' The Week

Be grateful for what goes right
Coming off a weekend where everything went right, I found myself actively appreciating that there were no glitches. Nada. Null. Zippo. Sometimes what you expect is nothing like what life actually delivers. This can be disappointing, emotionally deflating, and leaves you feeling out-of-balance.  I know, it has happened plenty of times. It can be a small glitch like riding my unicycle confidently across a crowded intersection and falling. Or, it can run big, like feeling super sick, or involved in an icky fender-bender. That stinks!
However, when situations do stumble into place and you don’t fall on your face … STOP! Jump for joy! Recognize what is right!  Revel in optimism! Embrace all that is true and good; the weather is gorgeous, you’re with fun company, you’re getting along with your spouse, you're healthy, feel loved and life is rolling along just how you hoped.
Thank God for those extraordinary times when things do go right and you feel (for a wee-bit) blessed with the rare gift of  wonderful-life balance.
In other words, let's be grateful for what goes right!

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