Monday, March 26, 2012

Balance Tip O' The Week - Don't look back

When riding Blanche across neighborhood streets, I have to look behind first. This takes extra balance, and I wobble if I turn and twist too much checking for cars. I've learned that I can't look back too long or I am sure to lose stability and fall on my face. Failure!
If you have failed in the past (and who hasn't?) none of that really matters because this moment is an opportunity to create something completely new, completely different and completely fresh.
Whatever is blocking you from future success is happening now! Many people try to analyze their past to break through their current problems but this doesn’t serve the purpose to create what you desire for the future.
If you are walking up a ladder and you keep slipping, you’re not going to reach the top if you analyze why you keep slipping, you will reach the top by discovering what you need to know to be able to reach the top.

Climbing a ladder. Riding a unicycle. Whatever goal, plan or struggle surrounds you, it's key to keep moving forward and find ways/solutions to be successfull and continue onward.
 Don't look back ;0)

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