Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Balance Challenge ~ Practice

Practice is everything. This is often misquoted, as practice makes perfect. ~Periander
Cheers to practicing whatever odd talents our loving God blessed you with, no matter how wobbly or unsure they are. Do them. Embrace them. They are all yours!

The weather this weekend in Southern California was hot-hot-hot!  It was gorgeous with blue skies plus sunshine and that equals ideal unicycle-riding weather. I am on the cusp of signing up to ride Blanche in a 10K and I have not mounted her in months. It’s been a while since the half-marathon was canceled last October and then rescheduled to January. I didn’t go forward with training, riding over 25 miles a week. My inner groin-undercarriage begged not to and I listened. Those poor things.

Alas, three months later, it was time to pull Blanche out of the garage, hop on and go for a spin in this pseudo-summer weather. I debated taking a 2 or 4-mile ride. Time was tight so I cruised Blanche for a mere 2.3 miles. Piece of cake! Or, so I thought This is where the above quote ties in. Apparently, practice is everything. I did okay; a tad wobbly and slightly unsure, but I did it. I returned home with sore knees. The next morning I was greeted with an aching lower back and inner legs that felt like they rode a twenty-mile horsey ride. Ouch!

 Now Blanche is parked in the living room so I will remember to practice, practice, practice!
Why not join me in sharpening whatever skills you already possess? Run the extra mile, teach yourself that new song, arrange those garden flowers, practice head stands, refresh your magic tricks or quilt the extra yard? Cheers to keeping up with whatever talents our loving God blessed you with, no matter how wobbly or unsure they are.
My training will continue when I stay overnight with my sister, Miss Piggy, in Santa Barbara this weekend. We are planning a ride/run along the beach while we toast to my 44thBirthday. Clink!

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