Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Eve

Last night our Women’s ministry was delighted to host a night exploring paths to “Loving ourselves, God and others.” Talk about the perfect kick-off on Valentine’s Day Eve! Our guest speakers, Tonilee Adamson and Bobbye Brooks are the founders of Daily Disciples Ministries, Inc . For over ten years, they have shared a passion to help women change, grow and succeed. Like many women today both have professional backgrounds, busy lives and active families, which give them insight into the struggles and challenges of walking out the Christian life every day.

From the start, most were in agreement that loving God is much easier that loving ourselves and others. Their pearls of wisdom and personal stories tied into passages from Exodus led us closer to living out true love with God, others and ourselves. The take-away for me was to not only to carve out daily time just for the Lord but telling God that I am not going forward without him. This puts Him in every minute of my day.
Fun fact: My friend CeeCee is Annette Funicello's first cousin
Mary and her red velvet cupcakes
It was a treat to have these gals lead our women’s event. Speaking of treats, our team put together a yummy table of Valentine’s sweets for one-hundred guests to enjoy afterward.  I loved spending a couple hours decorating cupcakes, setting heart-filled tables and schmoozing with my church peeps. Now isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?  Well, part of it.  The other piece? Adoring my Hubby and two sons whom I love so very muchly much (as Dr. Seuss would say). Wait. Make that five Valentines. The Weiner Sisters are my valentines-with-tails, four legs and dog breath, but my sweethearts, none-the-less.
Mi Amore
Tonight it will be dinner out and a bubble bath for us; kids and dogs not included. An evening devoted to my irresistible man and our fancy for each other is just what I ordered.
Love is in the air!


marysusanne said...

Wow! You write so eloquently! Last night was really wonderful! Enjoy your evening with tu amore!

nancygrayce said...

Sounds like a great start to me! Cece looks like Annette! How cool! I wish I had some of those yummy desserts you all made!

Have a great night with your man. Mine is cooking for me!