Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Three-hundred-seventy-four words about last week

Popping out of bed at 6:30 on a Saturday is never easy, but I had to do it because of a job requirement ... Gotta keep my CPR/First Aid certification current. Spending my Saturday at the local fire station with twenty-two coworkers, and two dozen rubber dummies with plastic-bag lungs, is where my day started. The American Heart Association is always changing the “how-to” of CPR, so it is good to know the latest and greatest technique; start with thirty chest compressions followed by two breaths and repeat until the real help arrives.  The take-away from this six hour class was how to correclty stop a bloody nose. Sit, press both sides o f the nostrils, and lean the person forward while applying constant pressure. Since I can remember, I have  had my students stand with their head back as "ick" drips down their throat. Sorry kids, my bad.

The downside of this class is that I missed my son’s basketball game and they won! He is playing in the  city league (The Bruins) and on his school team (The Lions). This basketball-palooza season equates to three games and three practices a week. Missing one should not be a big deal. But. They. Won!  So far, winning has rarely been witnessed for either team. Maybe this winning will turn into a streak? Dreams are free, so I will dream that they will turn down the road of win, win, win!

Speaking of turning down roads, Lucas is close to turning fifteen so it was  time to take him out to drive illegally in abandoned parking lots… just like my dad used to do!  I think Dad started me driving when I was thirteen and made me learn to drive on a stick shift. He insisted that my first car, a rolling-Ford-two-door-tin can, was a stick-shift too. This family tradition is stopping right here.

Where was I?

Oh, Yes! Lucas was out of school early last week due to finals and this presented the perfect opportunity to put him behind the wheel . The quote of the day occurred about ten minutes into our lesson.
Lucas, looking at me flustered said, “Flick This! Turn That! Look There! Driving is like one intense game of Bopit!”
So. True.
Enjoy your last full week of Janurary ;0)


nancygrayce said...

I always thought you leaned your head back too! I've never had a nosebleed that I remember, but our youngest and my MIL have them with some regularity.

So glad your son't basketball team won, sorry you missed it! I will never forget when our youngest played basketball. He was very seldom actually in the game as he has some real vision problems. But one game (I was taking pictures and my eye was up against the view finder) he not only got a basket, it was a 3 pointer. I don't know if I've ever screamed so loudly and cried at the same time! It was such a boost to him and his team was great about making him feel special.

nancygrayce said...

P.S. I've never heard of Bop It. Oh, and look for some unicycle pics on a blog coming soon!