Monday, January 2, 2012

Following New and Old Traditions

Following someone you look up to is a good practice. Following your heart and having others follow in your footsteps is even better.”
My husband’s decision to take up coining and buy a metal detector did not receive my support, at first. I reminded him of the dirty quads we just paid to re-register, and the chicken coop plans he ordered to start building a roost for our future, dare I call them, pets? Then I saw our boys taking interest in coin collecting/treasure hunting and recalled how my dad and I went to coin shows to scout out Indian Head Nickels when I was eleven. Therefore, I saw this as something my boys could do together. Next, I readjusted my profile of a metal detector owner.  My conclusion is that they  are not for old men with black socks to roam the beach anymore.  It’s all good if our kids, whom look up to their Dad, want to follow him as he follows his heart (along with old screws and rusted dimes). Okay then,  more power to the people! Same for the Chicken Project of 2012. I have no choice but to embrace all this tom-foolery (that’s how I see it) because I live in an all male house and have to shrug off our differences on my way to my pedicure. Maybe I must accept these things as new traditions because, why yes, testosterone does rule around here. Now you see why I suggested a Wife Swap with the two-daughter-family next door.
Enough of that, back to our Holiday Happenings.
An old tradition is the gathering of my girlfriends from high school. We meet every Christmas to have dinner and exchange gifts. It’s a treasured time to catch up because we all have busy lives and can't sit around drinking Boonesfarm wine in the fields like when we were stupid teenagers. My husband, having five weeks off work and plenty O’ time to hang out, decided to be one of the girls. I was not crazy about our party crasher, but after a glass of champagne, I admit he definitely made this night extra festive and silly. And, speaking of champagne,
Cheers to a New Year!
Next post I will share our Family Christmas Tree Game Tradition played  on Christmas night. Our theme this year was Made In America (as showcased by darling Cousin Marinna). You might say we are doing our part to give the economy a much needed boost!

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nancygrayce said...

Maybe he will find a big diamond ring with that metal detector!

I feel the pain of living with all men. Even our dogs and our cat are males. But having worked with Juvenile Delinquents for many years, I found that bad girls are MUCH worse than bad boys and I'm sure mine would have been bad. :) Not that I was or anything.

Thanks for following my blog! Lots of the guys in my family ride unicycles, but not a single girl! I may be too old to try though.