Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Old Gold = New Money

My money tree is barren! One morning last week I set my mind on how I could come across a stack of twenty-dollar bills.  Don’t think that I'm money hungry, all our needs are met, but lately it feels like extra cash could make life flow easier and money arguments fewer. My mind was open to all possibilities as I read the morning paper. A huge insert begged me to sell my Gold for Cash … then I recalled my friend Ellen mentioning that she gathered her old jewelry, sold it, and skipped home with a handsome amount. Flashing back, I recalled that I blossomed in the 80’s when gold jewelry was all the rage. I thought to myself, “Hmmm, maybe I have some old gold lying around that could be turned in for a stack of twenties?”
Off I went to my twenty-five year old trinket box. Four broken gold necklaces and three gold bracelets (one broken), sat amongst the “cheerleader” and “Special Sister” charms; all ancient gold stuff I loved at one time.
I searched the internet to find places to visit that day. My father acted like an attorney on retainer, coaching my every move over the phone. My first stop yielded a $564 cash crop. Why, yes, I was pleasantly surprised! When I explained to Jacky at We Buy Gold (www.wcgoldbuyers.com) that I was just shopping around, she said, “I can offer you $630 with my personal incentive.”  I thought to myself, "How many twenties does that equal?" I was shocked, but stuck with the plan my dad guided me on. She did not like my negative response, so the Cute Crook  called to see what the “guaranteed highest offer” was that she could offer. Apparently, they advertise that they will beat any competitor’s bona-fide offer by 110%. Next thing I knew she dangled out a huge number … wait for it … $1050. What a leap! All that ching-ching made me want to sell but I saw that this had to be a fraud of some sort because she was scheming to steal my broken gold just minutes ago for $564. I told her I had to call my father (my husband was not answering due to work commitments, so I gave up and leaned on Dear Ol’ Dad).
Like a beacon in the fog, my father advised me to get out of there FAST and head somewhere else. Off I went to a local jeweler, “My friend in the diamond business,” is his slogan. They seemed honest and upfront. After careful weighing, they offered me $1048.  I had one more place to visit, but it was thirty minutes away, so I decided to call “Eli” at BST Gold first. I gave him the weights over the phone and he said it would be worth $1300 to $1400 … no sheet! All the reviews for BST Gold in Woodland Hills (www.bstgold.com) were glowing so I headed toward Los Angeles. Sure enough, Eli and Maya greeted me in a personal manor, offered over $1300 for the broken gold, PLUS they gave me a Starbucks Gift card! And they paid in cash! They took my driver’s license and thumb print, so it seemed like a straight operation.
I took the stack of green and headed back home. What an unexpectedly crazy day that was! I realize that for some this isn’t much money and to others it’s a windfall. For me it’s a huge-amazing-surprise windfall.  I smile when I realize that I woke up one morning scratching my head wishing for some extra cash and went to bed feeling like that wish came true.

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