Thursday, October 13, 2011

Balance Tip O' the Week

A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
~Larry Elder
This Balance Tip is the truth!
But I will note that even when you have a plan, sometimes the goal wilts right before your eyes.  Yes, I am referring to the postponed half-marathon!  Thankfully, this is not the case for our Church’s Ladies Getaway. After months of planning our team of six is excited to bask in the fruits of our creative energy and hard work.  In addition, the best part is that it hardly seemed like work because we moved together like a well-oiled machine!  The culmination of all our various gifts created an environment that promoted deeper relationships and a shared workload. It felt like God's hand was present in our thoughts and plans every step of the way.

Our theme is “Going Deeper,”which is based on  Debbie Alsdorf's latest book. We are so excited to have Debbie be our speaker with  sessions titled “Get Real with God,” “Get Back to Basics,” “Get Set to Live Differently,” and finally “Live Like it’s Real.” Tomorrow, over one hundred women are escaping to the mountains of Calabasas to go camping at Mt. Crags Retreat Center.  Well, it is sort of camping.  There are beautiful landscapes, in addition to running water, toilets, showers, meals and simple lodging. Now, that’s my kind of roughin’ it!

To keep the ball rolling we met earlier this week to assemble retreat goodie bags, folders, nametags and to spend time praying together before this long awaited weekend takes flight. My husband is working in Seattle all week, so it really was a girl’s night out!
My favorite part of any retreat? It's the escape away from life’s crazy pace. The hours of Free Time on Saturday will be savored like a triple-scoop ice cream cone from 31 Flavors. Well, that's after I lead gals on a hike in the mucho dry heat. That will be a challenge, as I fear running into rattle snakes.
I am scratching my chinny-chin-chin because this Ladies Getaway weekend hasn’t officially started and already our team is scheming about plans for next year’s retreat … which is actually a wonderful thing, because a goal without a plan is just a wish!

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Mama Pike said...

How wonderful! I hope your retreat turns out great.