Monday, September 5, 2011

Go Speed Racer!

Let’s make one thing clear people:  I. Don't. Run. I wish it were my thing like so many, but it’s not. The mere thought of a lengthy run makes my boobs sore and ankles pained. It’s true that short legs and Track Stars don’t mix (Think: drinking and driving).

However, my Labor Day began with a run-ride.

Funny enough, my husband is a fast runner (opposites attract, right?) and my stunted legs could never keep up with his lengthy quick ones. In the past, we have compromised with power walks … until today.

He was reading me his to-do list over coffee and “Go for a run” was amongst his inventory. I asked if he wanted to take “Our Walk,” but he preferred to run today. Bummer. Then a light bulb went off in my ever-spinning head. I suggested Blanche and I go with him! He said yes. A minor problem is that I unicycle a ten-minute mile and he runs an eight-minute mile.  I felt like part of the cartoon Speed Racer fromt the 1970's trying to keep up!

We ran-rode four miles and they were exhausting as I worked extra hard to peddle near my high-speed husband.  It was definitely a fun-sweaty-balance challenge to not fall behind him or plunge on my face. You could say that he put the labor in my Labor Day!
Cheers to Labor Day and trying new things! Clink!

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