Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Free Fix

I want to give a shout out to Fernando! On my ride today, he stopped me to take a photo to share with his kids. My only regret is that I didn’t take a picture of him on his bike to share with my kids. This stranger-photo thing has happened twice and should the paparazzi reappear, I’m whipping out my camera to photograph the person who is photographing Blanche and me. Actually, it gave me a pleasant lift in mile two. Thanks Fernando!

Unfortunately, nine miles into this ride I popped Blanche’s one-and-only tire. El Fin!  My goal was to cruise thirty-three total miles this week, but due to those darn prickles, Old Blanche deflated, and I only squeezed in thirty. Disappointed, my Teckie-Husband picked me up roadside and later I visited the Bike Shop. Sticker shock set in when told it cost twenty-five clams to fix her single-measly tire. That is highway robbery people! Last year it was a mere fifteen clams to replace, and now this! Thanks Obama. Well, I flat refused (no pun intended) to pay up, so I bought the tubing and my Teckie-Husband fixed it free.

This shows that in today’s economy to keep your checkbook balanced, as well as your life, it helps to come up with creative ways to save some ching-ching (especially on tubing!) Ahhh ... that rhymes ;0)

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Mama Pike said...

Glad you saved money fixing your tire. It is amazing how expensive everything has gotten.