Friday, September 2, 2011

Encouragement is, like, totally awesome! Fer Sure!

Revisiting the difficult  twelve-mile course after my unicycle crash took courage, but it was something  I had to do. Facing the fear of falling and how onlookers make me nervous is something I yearn to overcome. So yesterday, I hopped on Blanche and said some prayers while listening to my new iPod playlist. It always starts with inspirational songs and this is when I thank God for my  working legs, sight, health and family, among other things (that list is endless). It is my single-wheelie devotion to God and it’s critical prayer time before Oingo Boingo, the Beastie Boys, Black-eyed Peas and the B-52’s fill my ears.

I am considering training wheels
and possibly the clown suit.

Can you tell I need fast song for the long rides? I find a lot of that in 80’s music. In fact, tonight I am going to the Hollywood Bowl for a concert titled “Totally '80s: The Human League, B-52's, The Fixx & Berlin.” Channeling my inner Valley Girl for this totally tubular, rad concert should be, like, easy cuz I’m spazzing at my plan to have a totally-awesome-bitchen- good time … to the max. Like, can you relate?
Ah, hem.

Along yesterday's ride, God provided exactly what I needed to get through. Of course twice I heard the “You are missing a wheel” comment (If I only had a dollar for every time I heard this, I’d be rich!). I also got a “That’s Awesome,” “Wow!” , “How do you do that?” plus big smiles on kid’s faces and many thumbs up from drivers and gardeners.  Being encouraged feels good and it could not have come at a better time. Especially when I had to take a potty break and turned into the Vons parking lot. To my left I saw a woman with a camera. Why yes, of course I got nervous, loss footing and hopped off. She walked up and said she had seen me around and asked if she could take a photo of Blanche and me. I laughed.
My point? I received encouragement from total strangers and God sent in extra back up when I needed it most. This inspires me to encourage others! Worn ragged after two hours of unicycling I am happy to report there were no major falls. Today my legs are sore and I discovered my new playlist needs some tweaking, but otherwise it was a success! Like, totally, fer sure.

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