Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dance Dilema

After days of deliberation, my son found the gumption to ask that cute girl in Spanish 101 to the Homecoming Dance in October. Seeing that he was happy, I was happy. First question I asked?

“What’s her last name?”

“I don’t know,” he replied. I asked questions, but he knew nothing, other than she was a dancer.  In a nut shell? He saw a cute girl in Spanish class and got the guts to ask her out. Good for him.  I stressed he find out her last name and get her phone number. That’s a start, right?

Two days after asking her, I emailed the band director, as the Regiment Band has a Competition in beautiful Chino Hills on the same day as the Homecoming Dance. His response was that none of the band could attend the dance as they compete at 8 PM that same night.
Reallly? Hmmmm. I didn’t like his answer for many reasons.
1. When were they going to let students know that none of the 127-member band could attend the Homecoming Dance?
2. How was I to know that an “All Day” event meant until 10PM?
3. What are they thinking? For many, the Homecoming Dance is a staple high school experience!

It was then that I realized then my kid’s high school is on steroids, and not just the band, every department is! THIS is why they are ranked #1 in the county, 11th in the state and 104th in the entire country … everything they do demands 150%. That's all good. But when you are a freshman feeling your way through your ninth-grade year, you don’t want to visit Chino Hills when you could be awkwardly pinning a corsage on a girls chest. I think it’s ridiculous and I emailed my viewpoint to the director. I doubt anything will change, as this strong  dedication is what makes them #1!
Needless to say, he will unask the dancer this week (ouch!) and attend the band competition because it's “the right” thing to do. However, my son said he won't be in the regiment marching band next year. That bums me out on one hand and on the other, I say, "Cheers to that! Clink!"

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Sylace said...

Oh, I can so relate to this. My son is a member of a marching band and Drumline that competes at the same level as Chino Hills, and your son's school, I assume. Which school does he go to? We love to watch Chino Hills at WGI Finals in Dayton every Year. It is a constant sacrifice, that is for sure...
I'm still enjoying your blog~

Sylace (