Monday, September 19, 2011

Balance is not a piece of cake

Life is about balance and who isn’t guilty of teetering on the edge of calamity verses keeping nice and steady?  For example, my nephew’s first birthday. It was a Sunday party with gorgeous weather, dear family, friends and beautiful homemade birthday cakes by Aunt Miss Piggy. The small cake for the Birthday Boy highlighted because watching a one-year-old dig into his first cake ranks up there with the wedding-cake-smear battle some brides and grooms partake in. Admit it. It’s fun to watch!

The memorable scene was set. The lone candle sparkled as the pleased baker held her sweet creation. Daddy perched  behind his precious baby as Grandparents watched every move of their tiny grandson. The delightful creation was set carefully in front of Baby Benson, as his Mom pulled the pacifier from his sweet lips. Yes, all observers’ eyes hinged on this precious moment in time.  Out of nowhere, imbalance set in … just when it appeared that everything was picture perfect, the cake flew onto the floor like a game piece from “Don’t Tip the Waiter.”
What a great reminder that when you think everything is stable and going according to plan, then it all splats on the ground! THIS is why it is so important to never lose your sense of humor!

I guess you could say that some things in life are a piece of cake and balance is not one of them!

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