Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wishy-Washy Birthday

One week after my Superman fixed Old Bessie, our washer, she retorted with smoke and a pungent burning smell throughout our home – Farump! Since our house caught fire, we weren't taking any chances and put Bessie down like an old racehorse (to the glue factory!)  Our new washer will be delivered today. It's perfect timing because August 10th is my husband’s birthday and isn’t that every man’s dream to be gifted a new washing machine to celebrate another year? Yesssss! Forty-four years ago today my Southern Man was pushed out in Memphis, Tennessee, and tonight I'm whipping up his favorite dinner of BBQ-pulled pork with coleslaw (hee-haw!).

Now, don’t get agitated thinking his only present is a washing machine. On Sunday we celebrated and he received a guitar serenade from Lucas, many-an-Amazon gift card and a poster-size-photo collage of his favorite people for his office.  Visiting his work recently, I noted that above his desk hung a 20X30 photo of The Wiener Sisters, a small photo of us from 1994 and one of the kids from years back. Way back. It was clear as a water-filled washer that a picture of his family was missing.

Honestly? What he would like is a Cobra kit-car, a quad-hauling camper, or bottomless trip to the Guitar center. However, in reality, today he is feeling the love with yummy BBQ and continued spotless clothes! On top of this my amazing husband is blessed with what every human desires; good health and to be deeply loved and appreciated by those close to us.  This sounds like not only a well-balanced birthday, but also a clean start to a brand-spanking new year!
Happy Birthday and Cheers to you Sweetie, I love you (Clink!)

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