Saturday, August 20, 2011

Unicycles, Fourth Grade and Bee Stings, Oh My!

Sweating my way through nine miles on Blanche yesterday I anticipated my first day back to fourth grade. These thoughts fuel my excitement for a new school year; a fresh start that delivers a New Year's Eve feeling without champagne, horns and goofy-glitter hats. Laminating homework folders, creating new bulletin boards and orientation packets kept me busy while I reviewed in my head what we’ll study (all over again); California History, common denominators, the Rock Cycle and four types of sentences (imperative, interrogative, declarative, and  exclamatory … in case you forgot).  By the end of my first day in class, I was ready for a nap and that is what I did until the phone jolted me awake. It was Lucas.

He was at band camp and went on a nature hike with the percussion group. He and two friends trailed behind and managed to step in a bee hole. Band camp is not supposed to be painful and I’m not sure how hiking and making music overlap, unless John Denver is involved, but there he was describing his twelve (as in Days of Christmas and dozen donuts) bee stings!  Those angry boogers planted stingers in his head, ear, arms, back and leg. Some even zinged under his shirt as he was screaming and jumping around. He had to take off his shoe to let one out! Sidethought: You think maybee this is how singer Sting got his start? Hmmmm. Lucas was hurting and I thought it best to get him home and pump him with Benadryl and Advil. Thankfully,  Super Grandma picked him up while Daniel and I attended flag football practice. 

My conclusions for Friday?
-The unicycle riding is coming along, but I need some new tunes. Any suggestions?
-The first day of prepping fourth grade went well and I’m excited for a new batch of ten-year olds.  
-You can Bee 100% sure Lucas will never go on another nature hike at band camp.

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