Friday, August 12, 2011

The Penist

My exhausted father stopped by on his way home from his Sheet Metal Shop one slow summer afternoon. My mother was out of town and I could tell Dad just wanted to hang out. The boys and I were preparing to watch our Netflix, so of course we welcomed him to join us.  He settled into the couch like tired oatmeal and asked my older son how regiment band was going.

“Good,” he answered, “I got my drum.”

Looking to my younger son, he asked, “And how is the pianist?”
Confused and embarrassed, my ten-year-old son said, “My penis?”

“No, the pianist.  You know, someone who plays the piano,” explained Grandpa.
“Nooo ... that is called a PIANO-ist,” he said confidently.

(Insert rolling laughter with explanation of proper definition to the ten-year old). 
Smiling, I was reminded that no matter where we are in life, there’s always something new to learn!

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The Sisters' Hood said...

OMGosh, from now on i will have to refer to them as 'one who plays the piano' ;)