Monday, August 1, 2011

Five Clinks

Just so you know, “Clink!” is my way of saying “Cheers!”,  “Celebrate!”, or as my Italian Family puts it, “Salude!” Counting Clinks reminds me of the many blessings, friends and situations to rejoice in when I feel shlumpy. Here are my Five Clinks of the day:

Clink to 43 years young!
1. Happy Birthday to sweet-strong-amazing-authentic-beautiful Stephanie, who turns another year older today! Clink to the blessing of true-blue friends! 

2. July 29th was my second Blogovesary. Clink to tapping on the keyboard!

3. I rode a seven-mile stretch on Blanche. Clink to perseverance!

4. Refurbished Bessie is still-running-strong. Clink to clean whites!

5. My family is healthy and together! That’s The Biggest Clink of All!
Popping my one-and-only tire is my Farumph! It's the truth that nothing ever goes as planned. Forget the Farmuph, Let’s count our Clinks!

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