Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Big Ones

Could we have ordered better weather for Daniel’s eleventh birthday? No! It was a gorgeous hot, sunny day to celebrate not once, but twice!
His “friends” party was filled with rambunctious water-gun wars and I don’t know why I bother putting effort into planning games, as all these water rats wanted to do was shoot each other and horse around in the pool. However, the game “Waiter Relay” went over well. There were two teams and each had to walk swiftly through the course (up and down stairs and around a tree) carrying a ping-pong ball on a plastic dinner plate with only one hand.  Fun stuff! For lunch, they feasted on cheap pizza and juicy watermelon with a homemade ice cream cake for dessert that tasted better than Baskin Robbins could ever scoop up! The boys loved wearing their Ray-Ban knock- off sunglasses that made them look much older than fifth graders. I can only sum it up as the perfect play day before the first day of school tomorrow (did I just write that? Farump!).
Daniel’s second party started immediately after the last kid was hesitantly pulled from the pool. Enter my family with another batch of presents, birthday cake by Aunt Miss Piggy, yummy dinner, swimming shenanigans and a campfire late into the night (guitar serenade included).  It was a long day of blessing after blessing and I’m left wondering how everything went so well. There is always a glitch when you plan parties and these two celebrations slipped under that radar. (I’m not complaining. Just saying). Now, I sit and mentally prepare for a new school/work year to begin while in awe of how good God is!

My “baby” is almost eleven (Daniel’s birthday is August 31) and, no lie, this kid is a source of endless joy. Seeing the happiness, appreciation and love in his smiling face gives me hope that he will have an amazing year!

Will you raise your soda can and join me in Cheers to Daniel? (CLINK!)

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