Friday, July 29, 2011

My Super Man

Superman, Macho Man show your spirit if you can, get off your seat and boogie to the beat!
Remember that cheer from grammar school? It’s stuck in my head because of my husband; he is my Superman, Macho Man! Our sixteen-year-old Whirlpool washing machine died. Old Bessie had a nice long super-capacity life and my husband set out to replace her. Calling from Best Buy he announced the $900 price tag and I suggested we wait for a sale and not rush into anything (although the thought of life without my washing machine tossed me into a bad-spin cycle). I started research on-line and my Superman, Macho Man continued when he returned. Guessing what the problem was with Old Bessie, he bought a refurbished timer for $40 and we waited for delivery. I prayed it was the right part while I schlepped dirty laundry to my parents and soaked in the following thoughts:

A)     How did Caroline Ingalls survive without a washer and dryer?

B)    Was Old Bessie’s problem properly diagnosed?  Per chance it was, could my husband, who has zero training in appliance repair, take her apart? Then put her back together?

C)      I doubted that the problem could be solved THAT easily. Regardless, I kept on praying.

Yesterday, the box arrived and after a long day at work, then dinner with friends, late into the night my Superman, Macho Man fixed Old Bessie. Unbelievable! I immediately ran a load while thinking how amazing my hubby is as Refurbished Bessie runs like a brand-spanking-new washing machine. And me? I’m off my seat and happily boogying to the beat of sloshing-agitating clothes!

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