Friday, July 15, 2011

Balance Challenge #9 – No late night snack will deflate the rack

In light of gaining a lil’ extra weight, my next Balance Challenge is basic, although not easy.   If you have good eating habits, and well, um, mine have slipped through my greasy french fry fingers, this is a no brainer. My challenge is to stop snacking after 7 PM. This used to be my standard, but I’ve slacked off and added eight pounds that went straight to my rack (that I refer to as Boob A and Boob B) and hips (Think Lionel Richie and the Commodore’s song, “She’s a Brick Hoooowwse”).  I should not complain as this extra chub settled in my girlie parts. However, the truth is that balancing two-size-D bowling balls front and center has made the quest to “ride like the wind” on top of that tiny wheel difficult.  You see, when I need to give my undercarriage a break during a ride, I extend my arm and prop it on the seat, shifting all my weight to my arm and off my can. The only problem is wedging my straightened arm in between Boob A and boob B; they are in the way! 

Ending late night snacking is my baby step toward healthier eating habits and weight loss with the hopes that I will deflate my rack like a punctured over-pumped-up bike tire. It might not be much, but it is a start.  If you are looking for a simple healthy challenge, then join me!

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