Thursday, June 30, 2011

Make it a double – Balance Challenge #8

In attempting to up-the-ante one measly mile on Blanche, I concluded my body is akin to a piece of overcooked pasta. Mush. The million mile journey takes one step at a time, right? Well, I took a step, and fell mid-ride, when hopping on my seat. I crashed forward with my hands splayed out and internal embarrassment on. I touched my cut-up my shin, dusted off and concluded that I am in weak-mostaccioli shape. This must change.

To succeed (without crawling, panting and dragging Blanche over the half-marathon finish line) I must build endurance. My balance challenge is to double my ride to four miles, two times a week. I say, make it a double! From there I can build my miles slowly and avoid wobbly mostaccioli body.

Join me? Pick a goal or something in your life to increase or even double. Twofold your nap or time spent with your spouse? More playtime with your kids? Have that second glass of wine, or workout twice as long? Your options are endless, and it won’t be easy (vino excluded), but it will be challenging. So, go ahead, make it a double!

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Comeca Jones said...

I love this post its definitely food for thought,so when my sweetie takes me out tonight that second glass is in order.(giggle) Thank you for motivation.