Thursday, June 30, 2011

Make it a double – Balance Challenge #8

In attempting to up-the-ante one measly mile on Blanche, I concluded my body is akin to a piece of overcooked pasta. Mush. The million mile journey takes one step at a time, right? Well, I took a step, and fell mid-ride, when hopping on my seat. I crashed forward with my hands splayed out and internal embarrassment on. I touched my cut-up my shin, dusted off and concluded that I am in weak-mostaccioli shape. This must change.

To succeed (without crawling, panting and dragging Blanche over the half-marathon finish line) I must build endurance. My balance challenge is to double my ride to four miles, two times a week. I say, make it a double! From there I can build my miles slowly and avoid wobbly mostaccioli body.

Join me? Pick a goal or something in your life to increase or even double. Twofold your nap or time spent with your spouse? More playtime with your kids? Have that second glass of wine, or workout twice as long? Your options are endless, and it won’t be easy (vino excluded), but it will be challenging. So, go ahead, make it a double!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The All-American Fishy Lounge

Father’s Day arrived late this year. My Dad had to hold off on receiving his much deserved homage from his Grandsons and me, the normal-middle daughter (that is not an oxymoron!). You see, my two sisters lured him to Los Angeles for the “real” Father’s Day.

So, my family’s rehearsed Father’s Day welcome to The All-American Fishy Lounge was our gift to him. It has been years since we created a restaurant in my Pop’s honor and a repeat performance was due, just like a much needed vacation. Plus, my boys are older now and can grasp the create-a-lounge concept.  Not to mention (since we did this 5 years ago) Dan has acquired an impressive repertoire of piano tunes, thus concocting the perfect lounge act. He stepped into character with Fish-Man-Dan setting the mood on keyboard that could only make one feel like they were floating in a cruise-ship bar. Lucas greeted my parents in a dated-ugly-maroon-polyester jacket and asked if they had a reservation. Identification was required, as it was Senior Night at “The Lounge” and (just their luck) seniors eat free! They obliged the maitre’d and curiously waited on the couch for their outside table.
Upon being seated, my giddy father ordered a scotch and soda. I can’t remember the last time he did that! Althoooo, (I am scratching my chin)  it seems just yesterday, when I was  a kid,  Dad returned from a long-hard day at his sheet metal shop and asked me to mix him one. It was an easy order and my sister and I were trained well:
Step 1 - Fill glass “chuck full” of ice, all the way to the top.
Step 2- Wrap two fingers at the base of the glass and fill scotch up to the second finger
Step 3- Pour in soda mix. No need to stir, Dad did that with his finger upon delivery.

Oh Dear. I skipped down memory lane.  Ah, hem …
 The Lounge creation was a great addition because Piano-Man-Dan was whipping up tunes on the keyboard like homemade butter. He dressed the part with his cheesy mustache and bow-tie … tip jar included.  Lucas (AKA: Salvador the cook), did a great job on the grill and was speedy to quick-change from Maitre’d to chef. We ended the night with yummy dessert and a game of Spoons – the perfect family pastime if you are looking for one.

Hopefully, you can grasp the idea of the lighthearted and memorable gift that was unwrapped one minute at a time. Dad/Grandpa’s visit to The All-American Fishy Lounge was picturesque of creative love and heartfelt adoration. And, as the saying goes, “A father carries pictures where his money used to be.” My Dad won’t argue that!
Happy Belated Father’s Day Dad! I love you!