Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Madness

Do you ever have a month where it ALL happens? March is and has always been that crazy month for me.
We have four family birthdays and that alone throws me in a tizzy. Here are some pictures from Lucas's 14th class birthday party. What a memory! My sister, Cutie Pie, chaperoned with us. She made sure I did not hover over the kids or embarrass my son. Watching the flirting and coolness from afar cracked me up! All twenty kids played Cheetoh Head. This game entails teams throwing cheetos from seven feet into a showercap full of shaving cream. The biggest Cheetoh-Head team wins! They loved the air hockey tournament, played "Who knows Lucas best?" and fumbled around during the three-legged race. My goal was to feed them dinner and homemade ice cream cake and keep them busy. They were so busy that we did not get to do all that was planned! It went by fast and  the kids did not want to go when their parents showed up. That's great because I am a firm believer that it is always good to leave wanting more.
Today I am packing my son  for his eighth grade Washington D.C. trip. Along his visit to New York and Washington D.C., he will be sharing a hotel room with three other fourteen-year old boys. And yes, this concerns me. I fear he will not sleep-a-wink or shower. Brushing of teeth? Clean underwear? Taking his vitamens? All a long shot. I have to let it go and trust God that he will not lose his wallet (my biggest worry), and that they'll have a safe, memorable trip.

I know, I know, everyone could go on and on with how busy family life is. But for many reasons, March is the busiest month for us! What's yours?


-stephanie- said...

Tell your son to keep his wallet in his front pocket, for safety. Hope he has a great trip.

May and September are our busy months.

Kari said...

I get the "month of madness" as much as I get "the balance" as much as I get "packing up a child and being WORRIED".


Lucas will be awesome though! You have taught him well and all those skills will come out when he is on his own.

BTW - my crazy month is January - thank goodness I don't have to think about it for awhile!

HUGS! And "cheers" to the month of April being right around the corner - some other poor person's "month of madness"!