Sunday, March 6, 2011

Live out loud ~ Balance Challenge #7

Maybe this is how skiers feel when a layer of fresh powder has covered the slopes? They yearn to ski and enjoy what Mother Nature has provided. When I woke up Saturday morning it was HOT out; a gorgeous Southern California Saturday morning … Clear blue skies, birds singing and I noticed that our peach tree is budding. Spring is on her way and the unicycle rider in me felt drawn outside to soak up all the natural beauty. When I ride my unicycle it feels like I am living out loud.

Living out loud means participating in those parts of life that leave one feeling most alive. In my case, Unicycle riding. People are so receptive when I am cruising Blanche, and if I had a dollar for every time I heard “you’re missing a wheel,” I’d be rich!

I put four miles on Blanche and applied my new challenge to live out loud and ride that four miles each week. I signed up for another half-marathon and although it’s six months away, if I don’t ride Blanche regularly, it becomes harder to stay in balance and in control when I do hop on. Isn’t that true about many things in life? If we don’t practice to maintain our skills, talents, relationships, etc., they eventually tilt out of balance. I want to avoid that.

My challenge to you is to pick out one thing that feeds your soul. Whatever it is, it leaves you with residuals of optimism, thankfulness and an overall feeling of well being. Then just do it. Live out loud.

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Sylace said...

this was a particularly resonant inspirational post for me. Well written, well said!